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Weddings are a celebration of love and unity. While you immerse yourself in the festivities, our Wedding Service ensures that the youngest guests are cared for and entertained.

Why Choose Our Wedding Service?

A wedding is a milestone event, and every moment is precious. Our Wedding Service ensures that while you celebrate this significant day, the little ones are having their own mini-celebration, filled with fun, laughter, and care.

Event-Specific Activities

Understanding the nature of weddings, our nannies come prepared with activities that resonate with the theme of the wedding, from crafting sessions to dance-offs.

Child Safety

With large gatherings and multiple events, weddings can be overwhelming for children. Our nannies ensure that they are safe, fed, and rested.

Flexible Service

Whether it’s for the main ceremony, reception, or the entire wedding duration, our service is adaptable to your needs.


Placement Fee: Contact for Quote*
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Our nannies come equipped with a variety of activities to keep your child engaged. From crafting sessions to storytelling hours, they ensure that your child’s time is both enjoyable and educational.

* Due to the dynamic nature of Weddings and Events we need to better understand your needs in order to provide accurate pricing. Please contact us for a quote today!

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“She gets back to you promptly, the sitters are on time or early, always show up, never cancel, the boys love them, they are fun, etc etc etc. Highly recommend. Once you use Lisa and her sitters once, you will be hooked.”


“Lisa was kind, thorough, professional, and responsive– she really saved us. We can’t recommend her and her company highly enough.”


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